Customer experience is the feedback that can in many cases be applied as the barometer of any sales facing organization. Customers value organizations which not only serve them but enhance their overall experience. An example of this would be Amazon. The goal of delivering customer experience can be rounded off by an acronym – DOMORE. Here D stands for Designs something special. O stands for Offers a strong employee experience. Mo stands for Modernizes with technology while the second O goes for Obsesses over the customer. The R stands for Rewards responsibility and accountability. The final E goes for Embraces disruption and innovation. If this acronym is applied then the customer experience can truly be enhanced. A unique experience may be curated, employee feel motivated to go the extra step and technology changes are embraced, not feared. Business innovation and disruption are similarly encouraged. The customer is the king and queen of the entire process. The most deserving of employees get rewarded.


Uploaded Date: 19th May 2017

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