To separate the very best companies, from the others, one needs to consider its ability to initiate revenue growth. Private equity is now proving to be the best bet towards this kind of organic growth. It involves a lot of hard work, but the payoffs are also substantial. Significant value may be derived out of commercial acceleration. To do this, one needs to increase the share of wallet by prioritizing on the top clients, to help reach full potential. The channel programmes and incentives need to be revisited. The most profitable segments need to be identified, while one has to stop over- analyzing the laggards. Formal corporate training can be made use of for helping the sales reps to be reinforced certain behaviors. Controls too need to be brought in so that price leakage may be limited. Top line acceleration is known to produce a ten to twenty percent improvement, while a similar growth may be from margin expansion. The sales model must involve transactional sales, technical solutions sales and handshake sales.


Uploaded Date:22 June 2019

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