Talking about class is quite a social taboo in different parts of the world, but especially in the US. However, instead of avoiding these conversations, workplaces must encourage open discussions. Class must be included as one of the diversity factors during talent recruitment rounds. This is because class migrants often find themselves ill-equipped to take on others from traditionally white-collared backgrounds. Most of those who grew up in working-class backgrounds, came with little work experience. But such class migrants must be nurtured because they bring certain qualities to the table that those from more privileged backgrounds fail to. The onboarding process needs to be really looked into so that these people end up as the right culture fit despite their previous hardships. To start off, companies must consciously try to not hire only from Ivy League colleges, because inherently they are expensive and thus not inclusive to the working-classes. Culture fit must be clearly understood by the recruiters. Referral hiring must be limited as it leads to inbreeding from the familiar backgrounds. During promotions too, teamwork must be valued. Work-life balance must be kept open for all.


Uploaded Date:13 September 2018

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