Due to the digitization of workplaces, direct conversations are getting rarer. That is why, significant numbers of professionals engage in the comfort of office emails often with their fellow colleagues with whom a face-to-face chat would have been more effective. This instead takes away time from important productive work. In fact, business research conducted by the Harvard Business Review confirmed that employees on average spent four-fifths of their office time responding to emails or getting involved in meetings. That is why, a lot of companies have installed internal social networks to develop this sense of belonging. More often than not these do not cause the desired effect. Employees for instance, are fearful of posting anything there which may be challenging to their superiors. A lot see this as simply another layer of work so go back to company outlook. However, this gap can be solved if the senior executives play an active role. They need to frequently post so employees see this as an important engaging activity. The global workforce and digital processes are there to stay, so companies and its employees need to embrace it rather than challenge the same. So such ways must be incorporated to ease the pressure.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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