Companies from across the spectrum, need better talent management and retention strategies for working parents. The reasons are obvious. To start off, this demographic is enormous, covering over fifty million people in the US alone. Their struggle now is more in meeting the household demands, that it was for the corresponding age group, in the previous decades. Working parenthood is no longer a women’s problem alone, as increasingly men are part of the parenting duties. So, they require greater flexibility and an improved work- life balance. For the junior or prospective employees, the treatment meted out to working parents, often acts as an indicator. So, the generation acts as a bellwether for future talent recruitment. The entire public dialogue is dominated by this talk. Not much is being done externally in the form of legislations to help working parents. Thus, companies will need to figure this out themselves. To ensure this happens, personal support ought to be extended to them. Solutions need to be devised leveraging all, and not merely the HR. Instead of merely the silver- bullet solutions, a comprehensive package ought to be created. The benefits to be poured out need to be communicated better, than what the competitors are doing.


Uploaded Date:20 February 2019

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