The biggest transition in the global labor markets over the past few decades, especially last few years has been the rise of the freelance or gig worker. Already they account for nearly a third of jobs in the US, and the proportion may soon rise. In spite of these changes, companies haven’t responded accordingly. Talent recruitment of such gig workers is still largely dominated by peer-based platforms such as Task Rabbit or Uber. Even the most successful of freelancers, on occasion admit to an insecurity. Another latest trend emerging however, is that according to a study by McKinsey, in Europe majority of freelancers are creatives or knowledge workers. A lot of them can possibly join full-time employment but choose to go independent due to the freedom and work satisfaction on offer. The insecurity reported occurs less due to their ability to perform well at their chosen field of vocation. Four kinds of connections root people to traditional jobs. These are people, places, purpose and routines. Companies should similarly tweak their policies and recruitment methods to suit these roving talents.


Uploaded Date:07 June 2018

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