A lot of companies these days have been afflicted with the malaise of drafting lofty purpose statements. This has happened due to employees and customers’ desires to see the brand do something for the good of the planet. The statements then become highly misleading, as key stakeholders then fail to understand the real purpose of the brand. A succinct mission statement is crucial as it gives shape to the corporate strategy. To define an effective purpose, one must leverage the intellectual capital present within the organization to come up with actionable ideas. To execute this, a courageous but compassionate leader is needed. All this and much more has been discussed in the latest book written by retired US Army General Stanley McChrystal titled- Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World. The purpose must reflect truly what the company stands for. This purpose must then be used for effective talent management and employee engagement.


Uploaded Date:16 October 2018

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