Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long disappointed in its actual business implications in spite of the enormous potential inherent from day one. Now, finally it is emerging out of its own shadow by providing genuine business value. Algorithms have now cracked human speech patterns and can even recognize objects or optical patterns. Three major events brought out AI’s success to the wider public, beginning with chess world champion Garry Kasparov’s loss to the IMB-developed computer- Deep Blue. IBM’s Watson and Google’s self-driving cars were the other two. AI has shifted the traditional notions of competitive advantage by creating massive value out data warehousing, as this data is further used by digital giants such as Google, Uber and Facebook to gain business advantages. AI is also providing in-depth customer access through this data, providing cutting-edge business intelligence on user requirements. Capabilities have also jumped up accordingly as AI can now process human language. Any AI implementation into work needs to look at four major applications which are- customer needs, sources of data, advances in technology and the decomposition of processes.


Uploaded Date:12 March 2018

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