While competitiveness in individuals as well as in larger groups or organizations is valued, too much of it can have counterproductive impacts. Sales teams in particular face this issue where each individual is trying to maximize gains, but sometimes this can lead to a poisonous atmosphere. So in order to control this, some steps may be adopted. As a first step, one can conduct a three-sixty-degree review. This can settle it once and for all if anyone is difficult or worse overtly dominant. Also, conflicts must be tackled head on, but tactfully so as not to particularly anger any stakeholder. Another way to find out one’s positioning is to treat the others in the group as one’s mentors so that they can share authentic inputs. One more is to learn from one’s private life to detect trends of similar behaviour being exhibited in personal space. Finally, one can detect business intelligence about one’s positioning through an elaborate study involving three outcomes. Those three involve one’s wants, others’ wants and ways to achieve so for good of the company.


Uploaded Date:06 October 2017

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