We are living in an age of forever connectedness. Smartphones are running our lives and customers are managing their entire shopping journey using them. That is why they expect companies to be connected to them forever but not be intrusive. Customers expect that due to the enormous data warehousing operations now done by companies, they will provide better products as they have real time feedback from a vast pool. They also want customized marketing content depending on what individual customer groups want. While millennials are expected a lot from marketers, this expectation will rise to a crescendo when the Generation Z takes over. This generation has been using smartphones since their toddler age. Marketing research firm Forrester claims through a study that the B2B segment will rise to over a trillion dollars by the year 2020. Out of this nearly a third of the customer base will do part of their research using smartphones. Thus brands will need to find ways to be attractive to fellow businesses.


Uploaded Date: 20th May 2017

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