Increasingly people are getting engaged in the gig economy and instead of working nine-to-five routines five days a week, are devising innovative work schedules. Studies have shown that contrary to popular perception of work from home being an escape route, it actually minimized travel time wasted and improves productivity. While a lot of professional struggle to convince their seniors of the obvious benefits, some tactics to do so have been suggested. First of all, the flexibility seeker must be clear about the motivations to work from home and must communicate accordingly. A proper plan needs to be put in place to ensure its success. One must never ask a Friday or Monday work from home as it would appear to be geared up towards extending one’s weekend. Instead, Wednesday could be the ideal day, as it a day for through business analysis which requires a calm environment. The message must be clearly communicated to the boss including benefits accrued to both parties especially the organization. The boss may not instantly say yes, but patience must be accorded. Also, the boss may not instantly give complete green signal, but take it on an experimental stage. Thus a six or three month trial must be accepted. A complete change in organizational perspective must be addressed and not just one’s own benefits. Thus the HR needs to be brought onboard communicating the talent management and retention benefits such a scheme would endorse. Finally, the person must just go for it and seize opportunities whenever they present themselves.

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