Most professionals tend to get stressed out by meetings. Instead of productive things being discussed, meetings become an end by themselves. Companies must instead try to curate meetings that people would really want to attend. Three approaches have been crafted which generally leading to better team responses during meetings. One such method is the Breakfast Club where as the name suggests employees discuss important matters over breakfast before formal work begins. The Editorial Scrum is a method used by The Economist where ranks are put aside, but the editorial team freely discusses stories for the next edition, cover picture and other important matters. Another clever talent management ploy adopted by the Boston Logan International Airport is to have Focus sessions right at the beginning of the day to single out important events likely to occur during the day. While these systems may be different, some common traits exist between them. Only the right people concerned must be invited. A holistic, systematic viewpoint needs to be discussed at such meet-ups. The paraphernalia surrounding the event must be adequate such as seating facility, venue or design. Finally, the meeting head must have a clear picture on the returns such meetings will enable. Proper accountability will ensure wasteful meetings are not held.


Uploaded Date: 16th May 2017

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