It is well-known that creativity is essential to fostering business innovation. A fear is that this creative economy may be somewhat exclusivist. Another unfounded fear is that such innovations do not have any direct bearing on the top or bottom line. These fears were put to rest in a study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute. Clearly companies with higher levels of creativity tend to do much better on the financial scale as well. There are some simple but deliberate methods which company leaders could adopt to help their employees get more creative. To immerse them into this world, they need to be exposed to newer experiences and break free from previously held views. They need to be given real-world challenges. It will help them discover previously unknown aspects about themselves. Artificial constraints may be imposed on this to simulate the real situations. Data needs to be used to further the creative juices. The art and science of business need to work in tandem.


Uploaded Date:14 November 2018 

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