A system started in the year 2017 at the INSEAD among MBA students, was the concept of Reciprocity Rings. This is a system where peers can help each other out when they are in the position to do so. One of the students who needed to travel regularly for some personal matters, away from the campus to the city of Lille, also in France, she met help from an unexpected source, through this method. The helper was the head of talent recruitment from the INSEAD campus. The success of this concept, needs to be replicated at organizations as well. One need not hesitate to ask for aid when genuinely in need of. So, companies need to curate a culture of reciprocity, where people are ready to seek help. University campuses have already started replicating this model. Key examples of this include the Carnegie Mellon University, the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Columbia University.


Uploaded Date:20 May 2019

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