Cuba has long been known for its sun and sand tourism. But now, it is diversifying towards heritage tourism. Overall, as per business intelligence supplied by the authorities, there has been an increase in inbound tourism lately. This has been at the rate of more than seven percent in the first quarter of this year. The country plans to showcase its rich culture and heritage to the world. One such initiative is in the restoration of Old Havana. A lot of tensions also exists due to the infrastructure loss that happened post Hurricane Irma in 2017. Yet, a number of high- end properties survive. To cater to the richer clientele, golf courses are also being developed. As of now, the majority of tourists are from Canada, followed by the EU region. Inbound numbers form the USA have declined again, while regional tensions such as that in Venezuela haven’t helped the matters either. Canada is also the port of entry for Chinese travelers, as flights to Cuba are routed from there.


Uploaded Date:03 July 2019

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