Bain and Company undertook a study to understand the most effective research tools used in 2018. It was realized that sensors in products,personalized experiences and predictive business analytics gave the best results to the users. Surprisingly even some newer tools with low adoption rates, actually gave high satisfaction rates. Examples of this include privacy management and drones. The best of results were achieved by firms which made persistent efforts with some tools, rather than go full-blast with trying things from a broader range. Three trends most excite executives. These are, a dropin cash transactions, automatic shipping of products and automated in-store checkout. Didi Chuxing is one example among many of companies generating huge quantities of data in terabytes on daily basis. This enormous data warehousing is giving way to more informed decision-making. The Net promoter feedback is taken as the final word to improve services. The twenty most effective customer tools were listed down under four broad categories which were- sensing, deciding, acting and managing. Under sensing came sensors, sensory tools and biometric tools. Deciding includes Episode Maps, experience dashboards, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and automated decision engines. Manging includes privacy management, blockchain and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Under the broad gamut of acting are included delivery drones, salesforce automation, natural language processing, augmented reality and omnichannel customer support.


Uploaded Date:18 August 2018

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