It is a universally acknowledge fact on how customer service can be quite bad, with few exceptions, across the board. Business intelligence received from the journal Cost Management, confirms that an average American spends about thirteen hours each year on the calling queue. Another study confirms that three quarters of customers are left unsatisfied after such dealings. And all this is in stark contrast to the mission statements such companies have put up. United Airlines for instance, finds itself right towards the bottom for these, but has a much lofty corporate strategy document and vision statement. Of course, a lot of these customer queues are unavoidable. But on most occasions, companies actually find it profitable to let there be hassles for the customers. Companies want to increase the hurdles to customer complaints, so when customers find a lot of hassle in going through multiple loops, they simply drop their claims. There is also some hidden discrimination as observed through such studies. African Americans, Latinos and women from across the communities, tend to be inflicted with greater amount of stress in handling such customer complaint calls. There are pre- ordained hierarchical levels companies allocate for handling such queries. Lower the level, fewer decisions they can make, so this delays the loop.


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