The latest form of tourism to have hit the circuit is called prefixed Dark. This form of tourism relates to visiting places with an unpleasant background. Places could include mausoleums, cemeteries, battlefields, mass graves, places of executions or torture or ones where prominent people may have died. Also on this list are those related to slavery or those that witnessed natural calamities such as hurricanes and tsunamis. Some of the most popular sites on this circuit include the Bran Castle in Romania, Auschwitz in Poland, Naples in Italy, the Paris catacombs in France and the Eastern State Penitentiary in USA. A tourism consulting exercise taken up by the Council of Europe has gone to the lengths to define thirty-seven such sites across sixteen countries on the continent, with Spain featuring most numerously. Latest innovations on this circuit include tours to re-enact the plight of illegal migrants on the Mexico-US border and now narco-tours in Colombia.


Uploaded Date:18 November 2017

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