While data has become essential to the businesses in the ongoing digital age, it must be treated as more than a mere technology. A data culture is needed to leverage the insights gained. Several business leaders have pitched in with their suggestions on how to best develop one such. One view is that data culture and decision culture are related, as decisions can best be take only post detailed data warehousing. Another is that this data culture must emanate straight from the top, from the level of the board and the C-suite. The flow of data has now become democratized. But companies need to beware about the risks associated in case of any privacy or security leaks. And that is why another view states that companies need to be really careful while sharing any data beyond the company premises. Each organization needs to identify a set of people who will act as the culture catalysts. They will make sure that the right processes are followed, and people will look up towards them. Ultimately no data-driven work will succeed without the right people. So, the entire talent recruitment drive and subsequent onboarding has to be made with the belief that this data culture gets aligned to the people being hired.


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