Billions have been invested over the past few years, in the area of data science. This has had major repercussions in every segment. Many companies though aren’t yet getting the value out of all the data warehousing they are consequently doing. This could be due to the lack of clear verdict on what data is useful and what constitutes junk. Data scientists often fail to convince the decision makers about their genuine findings. This is often due to the jargon like language used in their presentations. A lot of data scientists present the truth as is convenient for them from a certain angle. Sometimes, even if they present the right facts, the ones listening may interpret according to their comforts. In order to build a more relevant data science operation, one needs to define the role of each team member, and not just merely recruit them. The talent recruitment team must select for different skills sets such as project management, data analysis, data wrangling, design, storytelling and subject expertise. A portfolio of varied talent needs to be staffed for. Each of the team members need some sort of exposure to skills they do not yet possess. The projects needs to be structured around the personnel and the talents they possess.


Uploaded Date:26 June 2019

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