Attendee: Mr. Aritro Dasgupta

Date: 22nd July, 2015

Key Speakers: Ms. Ritika Puri (Co-founder at

This write-up will explore the various facets discussed during the webinar and key conclusions that emerged. The objective of this webinar was to discuss the ways in which personalized interview experiences have become important


In the present scenario, due to the massive demands of recruitment and further talent management, it has become imperative to provide the interviewee a personalized experience during the interview process. High performers are constantly flooded with multiple job offers and need to choose the right one. Thus during the interview rounds, it is not only the interviewer who is assessing the candidate, even the latter is testing the organization as a best fit for oneself.

5 Ways

Business research through discussions with such top performers has devised five key ways for this to be executed.

Be Thoughtful

Due to the length of time that interviews often stretch to, the process can get tedious at times. Also, emergencies do not arise announced and thus unexpected situations, drills and changing team schedules may be considered normal for the employees but may give a sense of lack of organization to the as yet outsider candidate. However, these things must be carried out by the team with utter case as the candidate must not realize that anything was decided last moment.

Put your Problems Aside

Every organization is laced with internal problems. Yet that must never reflect to the interview candidate. The outsider must not feel that the pace of work is rushed or team members are communicating different message to the person.

Be Radically Transparent

Top performers research firms before going for interviews. They conduct a thorough check on the firm and will be able to make out in case the interviewers give the impression of not being fully transparent in their commitments and dealings. If the company shares reports and brochures on day zero itself, that is a clear indication of the confidence they firm feels in its dealings.

Create one-of-a-kind Experiences

Most interviews are predictable and follow similar patterns. Recruiting the ideal candidate must also be wedded with the concept of business innovation. Some firms have started arranging area tours for the top candidates.

Offer Flexibility

Interviews and subsequent job profiles must not appear rigid but must rather incorporate flexibility. Respect for candidates’ time is something not followed very often but increases the recruiter’s impression for the interviewee.


Thus for interviewing the top candidates a different strategy needs to be employed as opposed to earlier formats. Last minute alterations must not be evident. The candidate must feel valued and

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