Title: “International Alliance Partnerships for Indian Institutions”

Venue: Hotel Royal Plaza, New Delhi

Attendee: Mr. Aritro Dasgupta


Following were the panel members in the discussion:

S. No. Name Designation at UBS Oxford
1 Dr. David Faulkner Chairman & Co-Founder
2 Mr. Sachin Kharbanda Managing Director
3 Ms. Aarti Babhoota Director – Operations
4 Mr. Anant Nepalia Director – International Relations

UBS Oxford is the management institution affiliated to University of Nottingham and located in the university township of Oxford in England. They have set up in collaboration with publishing & education giant Pearson’s a venture to enable Indian students to pursue a British degree MBA from India itself along with their respective undergraduate studies. Following are the key findings from the day’s discussions:

  • This Distance MBA particularly suitable for engineering students; they can opt for online classes from 3rd year onwards, so by end of final year B.Tech, they will have the chance to complete this MBA also, thus they will have dual Indian B.Tech + British MBA.
  • The British MBA will enable the student become eligible for jobs in the U.K. however there is no guarantee of employment in the U.K.
  • Fee for the course is Rs. 4 lakhs only.
  • For students from other streams of undergraduate study besides engineering, they can opt for the course from the 3rd year which is their final; thus by the time these students complete one year of work experience post first placement, then they can complete this MBA; Thus colleges can offer this as an integrated 4 year BBA(Indian) + MBA (British)

The house was opened in the end for discussion and the delegates posed their questions which the panel members answered to their best of their knowledge and information. This was concluded by a session of networking lunch.

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