As most of the world’s population is now under conditions of lockdown of some form or the other, the restaurant industry has taken a huge hit. Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are trying to fill in this vacuum. Home deliveries are being somewhat encouraged by various governments, in lieu of dining- out. Many QSRs are also struggling, especially the smaller ones. But the large pizza chains, or fast- food outlets, are thriving. Some have even raised their talent recruitment efforts, by hiring thousands, due to a spike in the orders placed by those forced to be at home now. Consumer behaviour is undergoing much change in both Europe as well as in the USA. QSRs have now realized that protecting their employees and their customers’ lives and livelihoods is most crucial right now. The top line too needs to be safe guarded. The supply chain must be kept stable at all cost. Cash too needs prudent management. Brands need to model their future cash flows amidst a range of possible scenarios. The comeback has to be cleverly planned. That has to be the medium- term strategy. For this, existing strengths will need further honing.


Uploaded Date:30 April 2020

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