In the 1970s, Xerox pioneered a concept known as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) where all the out-groups or historically excluded ones would get additional funding towards their efforts at greater equality. This included groups such as women, religious minorities, immigrants or the LGBTQ community. While most of these were successful to quite an extent, the overlying benefits could not be reached as even today the in-groups of white straight men tend to dominate the large corporate groups. That is why business consulting group Deloitte has taken on the initiative of educating the in-groups towards increasing diversity. As the talent pool in the US has changed, it is time for a rethink and the ERGs were seen as an anachronism. Increasing number of leaders are organically coming up who are women or immigrants, so the traditional majority is becoming a minority in some cases. The in-groups still remain in power and the future of more members of the out-group reaching the top echelons continues to be dictated by the latter. So the need to provide diversity lessons to the in-group as identified by Deloitte.


Uploaded Date: 27 October 2017

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