For long business problems and innovations were approached from the top end of a rigid corporate strategy. It assumed the value proposition to be directly proportional to the relevance of the solution. But now increasingly, business professionals are using the approach of design thinking. This approach understands that human buying decisions need not always be rational. This is why designers are now being roped in to solve business problems. They inherently have an outside-in approach so they can gauge customer requirements more intuitively. Their structured and creative interpretations enable insights to translate towards actions. The approach will formalize towards a generative problem solving. It also helps in formalizing ideas around whom no historical data is available, as was the case with the founders of Airbnb who had a certain belief. It is increasingly being used for product development and curating customer experience. As per present trends, even culture and trust will eventually be curated using the help of designers.


Uploaded Date:17 May 2018

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