The workforce is increasingly becoming integrated with the gig economy. Freelancers, part- time workers and independent consultants are becoming the norm. This is true for both the skilled blue- collar jobs, as well as the top professions. Companies will similarly need to rework their talent management systems, to ensure the long- term viability of this un- tethered workforce. Digital nomads are solo entrepreneurs or location- specific independent consultants, who now need a way out to get access to formal banking, insurance, housing and other essentials. This is because all utilities are geared towards the older style of business processes. One country which has reworked its entire policy is Estonia, which is in north- eastern Europe. Estonia will not let digital nomads live in the country for up to one year. The trend is not only restricted to the millennials, but has also caught on with the older generations, including the baby boomers. Thus, workplace registration norms will need alteration worldwide.


Uploaded Date:12 June 2019

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