The present work culture is one where professionals need to be ‘turned on’ at all times. Due to the proliferation of digital gadgets, employees are expected to be hooked on to work, or at least be connected beyond the usual working hours. The concept of remote working or work- from- home, does not help either, with policies quite ad- hoc. It has been observed how different personality types cope up in different ways to this new reality. Personality can be assessed on how the employees deal with the external world, on the basis of experience, their talent management abilities or in how they see the perceived logic. Some strategies too have been identified for coping with this situation. One is to ensure some space and time, where one can simply ‘switch- off’. Another is where information overload can be managed. Employees need to understand how to track relevant business intelligence, so that every small bit of data, does not bother them. The right boundaries need to be in place so that the human thinking preferences can be maintained. A work and life balance needs to be found that can suit them.


Uploaded Date:17 July 2020

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