Patriarchy is so deeply embedded in the human psyche that sadly this has a knock- on effect on the language used to refer to men and women even at the workplace. There are several positive terms that are used for men, but few negative ones. For women, this is vice- versa. The words frequently noted for male professionals includes analytical, athletic, competent, versatile, articulate, dependable, confident, level- headed, logical and practical. Negative words for them have been arrogant and irresponsible. The litany of negative words for women is far more, beginning with inept, but also including selfish, passive, scattered, opportunistic, frivolous, vain, gossip excitable, panicky, indecisive and temperamental. The positive words used in their reference are merely compassionate, energetic, organized and enthusiastic. The talent management personnel in any organization will need to look in to this aspect. It may not sound a major issue, but human perceptions are often built around the kind of language used to refer to people. The informal strains of patriarchy may be dimmed to a large extent by the curbing of such unintended but discriminatory use of words.


Uploaded Date:26 August 2019

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