At the Digital Future of Work Summit held in New York, the McKinsey Global Institute in partnership with the Stern School of Business, decoded skills that would be relevant to youngsters for the oncoming future. Academicians and industry experts have provided us their inputs on future requirements. MGI partner Susan Lund says any education acquired today need to be flexible and constant management training will be needed periodically to stay in touch with impending innovations. NYU Professor ArunSundarajan meanwhile feels that its very difficult today to a pin point a career as there is far lesser structure now, a resulting lag in predictability. Another academician Vasant Dhar states that students need to be self-reliant and hone skills through their own perseverance. C3 IoT’s Tom Siebel meanwhile cautions against those seeking external aid and not improvising on their own. An MGI director believes that in the future more skills will be needed to ensure machines can be tapped to do relevant tasks for humans. The CEO of Arena feels that the greatest skill now will be to test assumptions periodically.


Uploaded Date:19 January 2018

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