The World Tourism Day in 2018 is aptly themed as “Tourism and the Digital Transformation”. Digital technologies have immense potential in tourism, and are already being used in several functions. This has bene highlighted across several studies made by the World Bank. One of them is titled Tourism and the Sharing Economy and another is The Voice of Travelers produced in collaboration with Trip Advisor. The World Bank is committed to investing substantially in tourism as it is one of the most potent means of empowering local communities. At present, more than three-hundred million people worldwide are employed in tourism jobs. As per data provided by the UNWTO, tourism accounts for over a tenth of the world’s GDP. The next major thrust area of the World Bank is set to be sustainable tourism, because the belief exists that if properly planned and executed, it can bring great rewards. The World Bank is already working on such empowerment and sustainable tourism projects in the Gambia and Peru.


Uploaded Date:10 November 2018

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