The latest technological tools are impacting businesses in myriad ways, but especially in two of them. These technologies include Artificial Intelligence(AI), blockchain, social media, mobile marketing, cloud computing, business analytics and the Internet- of- Things (IoT). The two areas most impacted are in operational excellence and for rapid innovation. One major dilemma digital companies are facing, is in their talent management structures. Most firms continue to use the top- down hierarchical approach, suited to standardization, but which have a detrimental impact on digital companies, where a more agile structure will be better suited. For those who want to become digital as well as digitize, there are a few lessons that have been understood. One is that digitization as a whole, needs to be distinguished form one- off digital initiatives, or projects. Another is that the digital business leaders need to be accorded the space to devise new metrics and work norms. New leaders likewise need to be identified, and provided the right training to rise up.


Uploaded Date:14 August 2019

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