Public authorities all over the world are trying to match up to the digital age by incorporating most processes through such options. Estonia for example is a country where barring very select cases, there is almost no need for in-person meetups with government officials. Ultimately, these public authorities can only succeed as far as national governments support them to. There are five major tasks’ digitization that national governments must take up. Each of these tasks have their own criteria for success. First of all, a clear digital strategy needs to be put in place with clearly defined targets. For this a unified management approach is needed to accompany. The IT platforms to be used must be common so that enterprise architecture and project management can be handled seamlessly across all departments. Technical standards need be defined. Digital transformation must be formalized through right legislations. Pilot projects must be tested so that critical skills can be developed. The business intelligence gained from these early tests must be used to create the final model. In a fitment test for IT adoption by national governments of Europe conducted by McKinsey, Denmark stands tall at number one followed by Estonia and the Netherlands.


Uploaded Date:19 January 2018

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