A lot of time, experts for all their knowledge in one field, fail to transfer it in to another. This is often because of their success in the first field, they feel they already know a lot, so fail to consult others in the know. This is called the ‘Expertise Trap’. There are some sure signs of detecting these signs. One is the unfamiliarity with new approaches or technologies in one’s own industry. The likes of Motorola and Microsoft have met with this challenge. Another is justifying action by invoking the past. There is heightened focus on the risk rather than the opportunities presented. Such leaders even discover others working in previously unknown methods such a Slack. The same tactics are presented during the corporate strategy meetups. Older practices are reworked rather than new tactics tried out. Such companies also face challenges in talent management and retention. To challenge this situation one needs to keep one’s ego in check and revisit one’s assumptions. One needs to learn from mistakes. Team mates must be tapped in as new trainers.


Uploaded Date:13 May 2019

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