There are times at any job that one does not feel valued for the work put in. Human beings have a felt desire to feel appreciated. However, at times, one needs to buckle down, face the situation and eventually force people to pay attention. First of all, one needs to be realistic. A personal litmus test must be taken to evaluate one’s work in contrast to own perception. Frequent discussions with the superior can also be useful. Sometimes, it is not about the individual, but maybe the entire team has been ignored. So, steps need to be taken to increase the visibility of the tea, as a whole. One can increase the use of “I” in place of “we”. At the same time, one mustn’t try to take all credit oneself at the cost of the team. One can start off by appreciating others’ work. While external appreciation certainly plays a part, validation need not only arise from such stimuli. It can also result from one’s own personal satisfaction at a job well done. In case things, still don’t work out, one can also consider the option of moving on to another organization. Any company that is considerate of its talent management practices, will fight to ensure its best people are retained.


Uploaded Date:19 January 2018

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