A lot of people are under the false impression that talent management is an easy task. But if that was true, then the disengagement and employee turnover rates wouldn’t be at such odds as is at present. Because a lot of lazy managers are under this false premise of the ease at work, so when things go south, they tend to rely on the easiest solutions at hand, such as handing out pay raises or bonuses. This is an expensive blunder without long-term impacts. Such managers are also prone to being influenced by the latest managerial talk. This explains the phenomenal rise in management literature on this topic through blogs, podcasts and webinars. The best solution to disengaged employees is not to ask them the reasons for the same, but to understand that there may be certain flaws in the management itself. Likewise, they must study the veracity of management tools, and only consider those appropriate for the said situation. Management may actually be one of the major causes for any lack of talent retention.


Uploaded Date:27 November 2018

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