It is a common fallacy that in order to launch an innovation, one needs to search out for great ideas. Instead, companies will be better served, if instead they chose to seek problems. Albert Einstein for example did not develop anything that wasn’t previously known, but simply put it all together as he came looking for problems. Similarly, the world has been groping for the past decade with problems on devices that we built long back. Moore’s Law will eventually slow down, but instead Quantum computer has taken on a different leap. Innovative thinking requires professionals to move away from the traditional corporate strategy induced planning. In this method, the entire market was seen as a game of chess, but instead now leaders need to be equipped with more experiential learning. It is such search for problems that led to the rise of Google and enabled it to sustain over a period of time. Earlier, the likes of Clarence Birdseye, Steve Jobs or Charles Schwab revolutionized their respective hearths by looking for existing problems before acting on them.


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