Most organization, when they opt for some kind of a digital transformation, tend to trust their tech guys the most. Those are the folks usually young, and typically having overseen major digital expansions at different places. However, repeated studies and observations have proven that this is not the right track to follow. This is because these digital experts parachuted from some other company, usually lack the connect or the know- how of the said industry to make any real impact. Digital need not always be disruptive. It simply requires a rethink on the present business model, and how these digital tools may be used to benefit the final consumers. Another reason for these digital experts’ failures at eliciting a digital transformation is their over focus on the corporate strategy. They are known to broadcast their strategic vision far too early, only to leave many disappointed over time. Instead, companies must opt to hand over this task to a company insider, even if that person has been reluctant towards the said strategy. This is because he/ she will have a better knowledge on the company, product and the overall industry.


Uploaded Date:10 August 2019

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