Leadership must ideally be motivational, yet we often observe leaders who emphasize the negative, to rise above the others. People tend to be drawn towards these, often rabble- rousers. A lot of it is down to human psychology, which helps preserve a strong social hierarchy of conformity. In a business research recently executed, by an Assistant Professor from the University of Virginia, several phrases by political leaders were conveyed to those undertaking the study. The names of the said speaker were not mentioned. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those in the experiment seemed more drawn to the punitive and vitriolic statements rather than those that were magnanimous or encouraging. However, naysayers may not always hold the edge. A lot evolves with time. Naysayers end up drawing a lot of attention, but may also draw huge amount of flak, if they end up not following on their promises made.


Uploaded Date:29 July 2019

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