Autonomous or self-driving cars are set to revolutionize major aspects of life in the coming years. Start-ups and auto giants likewise are exploring ways to develop these on a far lager scale. It will even disrupt the present pattern of town-planning with special emphasis on lanes for self-driving cars. Consulting and professional services giant PwC recently won the Alconics award for its application at the recent AI Summit San Francisco. It beat off in the competition several Ai-based outfits such as Daisy, Luminoso, Ui Path and Digital Genius. PwC’s Director of its Business Analytics division claims that AI will not prove to be successful unless integrated with the field level business use. PwC’s success in develop this app was down to its futuristic approach towards city maps, electric charging points, existing customer pick-up locations and their wait times. Thus, its technical prowess combined with its domain expertise. The concept of ‘data fly-wheel’ has been proposed. According to this, a positive feedback loop needs to be developed so that data warehousing can be performed. This will provide essential insights on customers’ requirements, so talent may be aligned likewise.


Uploaded Date:13 December 2017

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