Excess of ego can be the undoing of many a top business leader. This ego often leads to a sense of insularity that is built up among the leaders. As a result, they get closed out and do not get the pulse of the business. Their decision- making also suffers as a result of not being able to tap in to the right business intelligence. This is an unfortunate occurrence, as one climbs up the corporate ladder, but has to stay clear of. One also develops a sort of a hubris syndrome. This is because with this rise, morenumber of people would try to please the said leader, so would be particularly attentive to what they speak on. This has the potential to twist one’s perspectives. In order to be clear of this, leaders must address the perks and privileges being offered to them. Talent recruitment must be geared in a way, so that people with more confidence stay near the top leadership. One must build in a sense of gratitude and humility after all.


Uploaded Date:10 August 2019

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