It has long been known that brands that cater to the emotional needs of the customers, tend to have a lasting impact. But new business research conducted by a team of professors from four universities including Wharton, states that the kind of feelings also matter now. This holds particularly true thanks to the younger generation’s needs to align brands of their choice with their personal values. TOMS and Warby Parker are examples of such conscientious brands. There has to be the right fitment between the brand and the cause. Marketers must remember that such positioning is not related to self- pride or satisfying personal needs. This is specifically true when it comes to luxury brands, as these brands are the exact opposite of the social needs being spoken of. A lot of this has been rested at the Wharton Behavioral Lab. Strong social benefits also evoke the sense of awe, which is the most powerful feeling when it comes to brand marketing.


Uploaded Date:10 January 2019

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