It has been observed, that unfortunately for most firms, the process of business transformation goes awry. In spite of this transformation being on top of the agenda for CEOs across organizations, the end result has not been all that effective to effect changes in the TSR (Total Shareholder Returns). Some factors have however been identified which can help improve the rate of transformation success. First of all, companies need understand that to effect short-term success, efficiency and satisfying investor expectations are a must. But in the long-run, it is revenue growth that really impacts the case. This has been proven after a detailed business research undertaken jointly by S&P Capital and the Henderson Institute of the BCG. During times of business turbulence, the strategy research and development aspect becomes especially critical. Transformation success can be highly impacted positively by the involvement of management consulting firms’ hands-on role. Formal transformation programmes can be effective, provided enough scale and scope have been added on.


Uploaded Date:01 March 2018

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