Employee engagement has been proven to be extremely effective in improving productivity. A twenty percent rise in productivity has been confirmed via a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Another study anchored by the Workforce Research Foundation has confirmed that a ten percent increase in engagement investments can lead to an increase in profits by a staggering US$ 2,400 for each employee. The talent recruitment and retention rates improve. The Corporate Leadership Council has advocated an increase in workplace happiness at places where employees are better engaged. Innovation at work also rises. Certain methods have been identified to ensure this engagement improves. One such is regular communication in the form of feedback forms, suggestion boxes and insights. Pulse surveys can be introduced to glean greater business intelligence about employee considerations. Achievements of team members must be recognized as this instills greater motivation. Opportunities must be set aside for employee growth. The company culture also needs to be reshaped to be relevant in the present scenario. For this the employees need to be empowered towards decision making. Realistic expectations must be set and communicated clearly. The management also needs to be consistent in engaging with employee.


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