Some tricky work situations have been chronicled, along with what is the perfect response to each of those. The first such is when someone else takes credit for work one’s own idea. If the business innovation succeeds, best is to inform the other on how well they spotlighted the original thought. Another is when a senior asks the subordinate to stay back in office, especially at a time the latter has to attend a personal obligation. Its best to politely turn down the request, by specifying how there’s another commitment. Yet another such tricky situation could be when a trusted colleague snaps back angrily, at some pivotal moment. One needs to respond firmly, but clearly specify how it was only for this particular instance, and not any overall misgivings. There are times when one clearly needs to say No. A good way to do it, is by mentioning how this was a good launch pad. At times, one also needs to provide direct, even negative feedback. Its best to mention how one has faced it countless times earlier, and feedback always helped himself/ herself. There are times when the decision made has backfired, so needs to be pushed back. The person must clarify how the pushing back is a personal decision. A really tricky situation is when a serious issue needs to be escalated up. The best way to handle this is by mentioning how the response was the reason for this necessary escalation.


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