Empowering employees is considered a key tenet of modern talent management practices. It leads to better filtration of ideas from the ground-up and swifter decision-making. Yet, studies have shown that while the theory sounds good, it works better in some cases, but not all. The biggest impact of empowering leaders takes place in fostering business innovations. They do best when employees were creative and supportive. It has little positive impact on routine jobs. Empowering leaders tend to be better supported by their team members. Such forms of empowerment work better in Western societies such as USA, UK or Germany, as people are inherently more independent-minded. But the reverse is true for more hierarchical societies such as those in India, China or the Koreas. Here, authoritative delegation works better. The decision to whether empower or not, and by how much degree, must ultimately be about supporting employees, either way they are comfortable. Source:

Uploaded Date:17 May 2018

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