The jury is not out yet on the net effects of flexible working hours. While some say, it is the most important trend today, others say it is merely an overhyped fad. To set the verdict, Citrix teamed up with marketing research firm Wakefield to gauge the trend. It emerged that more than two-thirds of respondents confirmed that employees in their firm regularly worked remotely. A little less than half the employees have not even met some of their co-workers. Altogether about two-thirds of employees work in traditional office space, a fifth work remotely while 14% work at a third location, including co-working spaces. On the effect of remote working, it is successful only when the right tools are applied such as cloud-based apps which 57% of the present employees are using. But merely using such apps may not always prove useful, may even derail work due to security measures and multiple logins. This situation is termed the Cloud Sprawl. Thus, a single digital workspace is needed as Citrix has proactively curated. Face-to-face interaction still remains crucial so needs to be engaged in at least occasionally. This is especially true for companies that have a positive work culture as it can inspire the employees to do even better. Remote working also takes away some part of the crucial employee networking. Employees often know best about some of the practices at the firm and the industry overall.


Uploaded Date:08 November 2018

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