Intrapreneurship is the activity of creating something new while acting as an entrepreneur, but within the broad aegis of a company. It is necessary to forge business innovations. Such intrapreneurship can lead to a new department or section to be created, while at times, a wholesale new subsidiary could spin off. Gmail from Google’s stables and the concept of the “like” button on Facebook, both emerged out of such tinkering. It is all about value- creation, though it need not be small in scale. Contrary to the usual opinion, intrapreneurship isn’t associated solely with startups. Intrapreneurs face less risk, as they are not starting anything right from scratch, nor are they utilizing their own money. In order to introduce intrapreneurship to one’s company, one may start off with a hackathon. An Idea Fair is another such good idea. Two more would be the “Innovation Time”, like at Google and the Sandbox Fund.


Uploaded Date:26 February 2019

Entrepreneurship is often about putting up a brave face against much rejection. This is especially true in the early years, as evidence by several top business tycoons of today who faced the same. The list must start with Google. Others in the list include the likes of Adaptive Insights, Ring, View logic Systems, Mongo DB, Double Click and the Founder Institute. Some methods have been identified which can set this trend back, and make it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to get noticed. For one, he/ she needs to work on getting the fundraising process right. One needs to learn how to align the requirements of investors, with what one has to offer. Proven pitch deck templates are available to use during slide presentations. External experts may also be used on a business consulting role, as their mere presence will help attract capital. Investors’ contacts- both potential and current- need to be extracted out of these resource persons. The investors will need to be sent periodic email updates.


Uploaded Date:16 February 2019

The ten best Podcasts have been identified best suited to entrepreneurs, especially those who are constantly on the move. One of them is the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series. Another is the Tim Ferriss Show. Several top speakers have arrived and discussed their ideas on this show. The Gary Vee Audio Experience is one where several business innovations have been discussed. The other relevant ones are- Entre Leadership, Millionaire Mind cast, Wonder, THE James Altucher Show and Unemployable. One more in the interestingly named “She did her Way”, focusing on women entrepreneurs. And finally, there is the “How to Start a Startup”.


Uploaded Date:06 February 2019

En number of startups are now being opened up, many of which even end up flourishing. This drive is mainly due to the nature of the digital economy, but also due to the growing disillusionment with the corporate lifestyle. This corporate world is still working under age- old hierarchical models, with little scope for creativity or flexibility. Talent management practices are almost non- existent in some places. For upcoming entrepreneurs, there are certain dos and don’ts they need to keep in mind. For a start, they need to experiment, before finalizing on any plan. Their financial plan needs to be realistic. A concrete plan needs to be put in place to ensure timely cash flow. One mustn’t take up any work in panic, that will distract from the real core. Most importantly, all budding entrepreneurs need to figure out their family commitments, before plunging headlong into any such risky venture.


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