The one regret that Tony Hsieh, the Founder of Zappos has regarding his company, is the values or the lack of them inculcated from the beginning. It is easier to establish values right from the start when the team is small, rather than when it is better developed. There are some ways that have been identified to stimulate values within a small team. First of all, when the team is small the corporate values must be developed by the entire team together, rather than the bosses alone. The members must pitch in together with their ideas. This needs to be inculcated after thorough reflection. One out, all these ideas must be collated together. A shortlist of values needs to be determined by the team, which all would like to take forward. The same written language may mean different things to different people, so clarity of interpretation must be laid out. Alongside, the team must also finalize ways to execute the matter drafted. The values need to be integrated as part of the overall corporate strategy. They are to be as much a part of the business as targets or goals. This could lead to a high-performance culture.


Uploaded Date:07 June 2018

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