A book released recently titled Anti-tourism Manual written by famous sociologist Rodolphe Christin argues against any form of tourism. He feel that tourism itself and all tourist ought to be banned, including the considerably ethical ones. While tourism claims to promote culture, it lumps too many together, thus destroying a lot of micro ones. The history of tourism started about a century back in western European countries which are now the largest source markets for international travelers as well as top inbound tour markets. Christin further adds that since less than four percent of the world’s population has engaged in any tourism activity ever, thus it is highly exclusivist and a rich people’s club. Thus, while there are a good number of travel jobs, the revenues ultimately benefit only a few developed countries. He instead advocates for people to become travelers. This includes slow, leisurely activities which help in discovering oneself. Beyond travel or tourism, such ideas can also be inculcated into daily life, such as cycling to office.


Uploaded Date:17 March 2018

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