Tien Tzuo who is an MBA from Stanford, has written about the transition to the subscription model of business in his book Subscribed: Why the Subscription Model will be your Company’s Future- and What to do about It. After a decade working for Salesforce, in 2008 Tzuo founder a software company called Zuora, to help companies make the transition to this subscription model. According to him, it was Adobe that provided the initial blueprint for this model. Subscription based businesses seek to swallow the previously supreme fish model. The subscription model is throwing up huge quantities of data warehousing as all this is then processed to deduce valuable business insights. This is allowing for direct customer relationships, and a more personalized touch. Uber, Netflix, Surf Air, Caterpillar and Blue Apron are prominent examples of such businesses. The role of business schools is also diminishing in this current environment.


Uploaded Date:08 November 2018

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